We help you create explosive revenue growth by...

Studying your business model and identifying the drivers of higher revenues, or more importantly, the factors that may be limiting your growth.  Typically we:

  • Measure your company’s culture and leadership alignment to make sure everyone is marching in the same direction (and help improve your situation if low moral or mis-alignment is sabotaging your business performance) Learn more here
  • Equip your managers with leadership skills so that your teams achieve their sales goals and everyone gives maximum sales effort. Learn more here
  • Provide strategic sales and marketing guidance so that your products and services (and company) stand out in a crowded market.
  • Teach your professionals sales presentation skills so that they capture a higher share of mind with their customers
We help you realize massive
cost savings by...

Acting as your savings consultant to help you “spend less” without changing the way you do business. We find and evaluate cost-saving products and programs for businesses of all sizes. The result is often substantial cost savings for you – immediately and for years to come.

We excel in the following areas:

  • Expense Reduction – utility, freight, waste, and wireless
  • Commercial Property Benefits 
  • New Healthcare Benefit Reform Program  
  • Pioneering Energy Management Solutions  
  • Workers Comp Audits 
  • Energy Savings Programs (Local, State, Federal)  
  • Property Depreciation  
  • Manufacturing Incentives (Local, State, Federal) 
  • Tax Credits – based on hard-to-find government subsidies 
  • And much, much more

All our cost reduction programs are 100% contingent on us reducing your expenses.  We don't get paid unless you realize savings. Learn more!

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What our clients say...

Chris Hagle - Olympic Eagle Dist

"We've been working with Darryl since 2010.  He's very cognizant of helping in such a way that our team gets stronger - but that the learning doesn't interfere with the time we need to achieve our sales goals."

Tom Aronson - Monroe Capital

"Darryl’s ability to move quickly and thoroughly, provided the information needed to make the appropriate investment decision for our team."  

Angela Vasquez - Khorus Consulting

"Darryl has a unique combination of valuable methods and problem-solving, coaching and motivational skills."

Steve Mentor - Prestige Wine

"Darryl held the group the whole time. He told motivating stories of inspiration and triumph from his newest book, while sharing many relevant, industry-specific business lessons " 
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